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WC Toilet Seat Band 600x 2 pack

WC Toilet seat Band for Hotels guest -Our WC toilet seat bands allow your housekeeping staff to convey to your clients/guests that your toilets have been cleaned and sanitized.Wc Toilet Seat Band is ed by Hotels, Offices,Company Guest House to have a clean looking toilet to new Customers or clients .Its a Housekeeping sign for Toilet Seat:That its been clean and sanitized Now!
USED : Clean Toilets Sign - WC Toilet band are used mostly by Hotels,Guest Houses,Budget hotels /rooms, Airbnb,to convey that its freshly cleaned Toilets for use to new customer. Leaves a better customer impression on cleanness particularly ,Cleaned Toilet Sign.
Santized for your Protection -Our Toilet Seat band made from Paper and are biodegradable, can be flushed easily, without causing any clog.
HOW MANY UNITS/PCS ? : Pack of 600 x 2 set pcs of Toilet seat Band paper
USES/APPLICATION---Toilet bands strips are used for to convey ,a neat clean bathroom hygiene and sanitation for Hotels,Hospitals,Nursing home

Jute wedding Toiletry Kit - 20 sets

  • Jute tote bags filled with bath soaps, shampoo, and dental kits with colgate toothpaste
  • all product are neetly packed in jite pack-Jute pouches -eco friendly pack
  • These jute Toiletry kit come with set of 20 kit for Wedding or famil functions
  • These kits can be also used for VIP Guest houe or Training centres 

Toiletry Kit for Homestays-Hotels-Hospitals-10 sets

  • Hotel toilet kits in `10 x 3 Inch Pouch
  • Toiletry kit with Custom logo possible
  • Applications: Hotels, Homestays, Wedding , Hospital patient Kit

Zicniccom Toiletry 20 Sets for Hotel,Hospital Patient kit with toiletries,Wedding,homestay,Toiletry Sets,Patient kit with toiletries,

Zicniccom Toiletry 20 Sets for Hotel,Hospital Patient kit with toiletries,Wedding,homestay,Toiletry Sets,Patient kit with toiletries,clinics,Patient Welcome kit and Resorts…

Wedding Toiletry Kit
₹980.00 ₹1,098.00
-10% Off

  • HomestayToiletry Kit for Women / Men
  • Hotel Toothbrush Kit Set
  • 10 sets of Guest Amenity Home stay Toiletry Kit for a comfortable stay.
  • Includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, soap, and more.
  • Thoughtfully curated for various guest preferences.
  • Compact and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Enhances the guest experience.
  • Convenient and cost-effective solution.
  • Suitable for hotels, Homestay,resorts, hospitals, weddings, and guest houses.


Jute toiletries kit for wedding and marriage kits 10 sets

- Zicniccom jute toiletries kit for travel: The perfect companion for your travels, offering essential toiletries in a convenient jute pouch.
- Jute toiletries kit for wedding and marriage kits: A thoughtful addition to wedding and marriage kits, providing guests with eco-friendly toiletries.
- Jute toiletries kit for hospitals and doctor clinics: Ensuring hygiene essentials are readily available in hospitals and doctor clinics, promoting cleanliness and well-being.
- Hotel amenity dental kit in a jute zipper pouch: A dental care kit packed in a stylish jute pouch, offering guests a sustainable and practical solution.
- Zicniccom jute toiletries kit (10 sets) for various purposes: Versatile sets that cater to a range of needs, ensuring you're well-prepared in any situation.
- Packed in a jute zipper pouch for convenience and eco-friendliness: The jute pouch provides easy access to your toiletries while being environmentally friendly.
- Travel kit with jute toiletries for on-the-go needs: Compact and portable, these jute toiletries kits are designed for travelers who prioritize convenience and sustainability.
- Wedding and marriage kits featuring jute toiletries for guests: Enhance the guest experience with these eco-conscious jute toiletries kits, perfect for wedding celebrations.
- Hospital and doctor clinic kit with jute toiletries for hygiene essentials: Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in healthcare settings with these jute toiletries kits.
- Eco-friendly jute toiletries kit for hotel amenities: Elevate your hotel's amenities by offering guests an eco-friendly choice with these jute toiletries kits.


Zicniccom-Eco-friendly Dental Kit for Hotel use, with Wooden Brush

- Eco-friendly-50 Sets of dental kit for hotels, hospitals, weddings, and homestays.
- Thoughtfully packed in a Eco friendly Kraft paper pouch for sustainable packaging.
- Each kit contains essential dental kit with quality toothpaste items for guest convenience.
- Includes toothbrush and toothpaste for complete oral care.
- 50 sets of dental kits in each package, ensuring an ample supply.
- Ideal for eco-conscious establishments looking to reduce plastic waste.
- Promotes eco-friendly practices and guest satisfaction.
- Convenient solution for providing dental amenities to guests.
- Enhance guest experience with sustainable and practical dental kits with toothpaste and toothbrush.

Zicniccom (300 pcs) Hotel Soap Bar-Hotel Guest amenities soaps 10 grams -300PCS-for Hotels, Guest house,Travel,Resorts.Hospitals with Neatly packed

  • Hotel Soaps 10 grams with Butter paper pack and Paper box packing
  • 300 pcs Soap packed in pouch-without box
  • Quality soaps with premium packing and light fragrance
  • soaps small / Mini Hotel Toileteries soaps for Hotel Guest amenity and Toiletries to welcome guest
  • Hotel use Mini Guest Soaps and Toiletries for Guest amenities
  • Hotel soap wrapped bars




  • Hotel Soaps 10 grams with Butter paper pack and Paper box packing
  • 90 pcs Soap packed in neat laminated paper box
  • Quality soaps with premium packing and light fragrance
  • soaps small / Mini Hotel Toileteries soaps for Hotel Guest amenity and Toiletries to welcome guest
  • Hotel use Mini Guest Soaps and Toiletries for Guest amenities
  • Hotel soap wrapped bars



Hotel Toiletry Kit -Shampoo and Shower gel-100 pcs each

25 ML Shampoo for hotels 50 Pcs - and  25 ML Shower gel for hotels 50 Pcs


  • Convenient and compact shower gel options specifically designed for hotels
  • Miniature bottles of shower gel for a comfortable stay
  • Tailored for travelers looking for a compact toiletry solution
  • Ideal for those who prefer to pack light and minimize luggage space
  • Easily fits in carry-on bags or toiletry kits
  • Ensures guests have access to high-quality shower gel during their stay
  • Provides a refreshing and rejuvenating shower experience
  • Available in 25 ml Shampoo packaging, perfect for short-term stays
  • Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of hotel guests
  • Enhances the overall comfort and convenience of hotel accommodations
  • Delightful mini shower gel bottles offered as part of hotel amenities
  • Compact and charming bottles that add a touch of luxury to the guest experience






Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs-7"Inch-50 PCS SET

Disposable Pocket Plastic Combs-100 PCS SET : The Perfect Addition to Hotel Guest Amenity Kits

Enhancing Guest Experience: Disposable pocket plastic combs are becoming a staple in hotel guest amenity kits. These combs provide a convenient and hygienic solution for guests to groom their hair during their stay.

Versatile Hair Care: Whether it's a quick touch-up or a complete hairstyle transformation, these combs cater to diverse guest needs. From untangling knots to styling on-the-go, they offer practicality and ease of use.

Travel-Friendly Design: Designed with portability in mind, pocket-sized plastic combs are ideal for hotels, salons, and AirBNBs. Their compact size ensures guests can carry them effortlessly in their pockets or handbags.

Bulk Packaging: Hotels understand the importance of supplying an ample number of combs to meet guest demands. Poly-packed hair combs, available in packs of 100, ensure an abundant supply for guest rooms.

Superior Guest Comfort: Plastic hair combs, specifically curated for hotel rooms, provide a comfortable grooming experience. Their smooth teeth and sturdy construction ensure durability, making them suitable for repeated use.

An Essential Guest Amenity: Alongside other toiletries, these hair combs complement the range of guest amenities in hotels and salons. Their inclusion demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to guest satisfaction.

Hygiene and Convenience: Disposable plastic combs are the perfect choice for hotels and AirBNBs, ensuring guests receive a fresh comb for each stay. This eliminates any concerns about hygiene and adds an extra layer of convenience.

Carefully Packaged: Poly-packaged hair combs offer added protection and cleanliness. Guests can trust that their comb is free from any contaminants, creating a hygienic experience throughout their stay.

Versatile Applications: Plastic combs find utility not only in hotels but also in guesthouses and other accommodation options. They cater to the diverse needs of travelers, providing a hair care solution during their journeys.

Thoughtful Room Supply: Hotel guest rooms are equipped with these practical hair combs, available in packs of 100, to ensure an ample supply for every guest. It's a small but significant detail that adds to the overall comfort and satisfaction of the stay.


Dental Kit Set-Toiletry Kit (10 Set) with 1 toothpaste & 1-toothbrush- 1 soaps (10 grams )-1 shampoo sachets-for Hotel Toiletry-Homestay-Wedding

- Dental kit set with 10 sets, including 1 toothpaste and 1 toothbrush per set.
- Each set also includes 1 soap (10 grams) and 1 shampoo sachet.
- Designed for hotel toiletry, travel, homestays, hospitals, weddings, and resort/hotel amenity kits.
- Provides guests with essential dental care and hygiene products.
- Convenient and compact for travel and guest stays.
- Suitable for various hospitality establishments and events.
- Ensures cleanliness and convenience for guests' personal care needs.
- Professional presentation and high-quality products.
- Perfect Toiletry sets for enhancing guest satisfaction and comfort.