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Salon Facial Head Band -25 Pcs set-Pure Cotton

  • To protect the client's hair and makeup from getting wet during hair washing or other treatments.
  • To keep the client's hair out of their face during facials or other treatments.
  • To absorb excess oil or sweat from the client's face.
  • To provide a barrier between the client's skin and hot tools, such as hair dryers or curling irons.
  • To help prevent the spread of germs during treatments.
  • To add a touch of style and sophistication to the salon environment.
  • Made from Pure and Finest Cotton and Re use and save cost
  • 25 Pcs set

Loofah Pad for Hotel-Spa 25 pcs

Premium bathing experience like no other. In this pack, you'll receive 25 exquisite Loofah Pads, each meticulously crafted to elevate your guests' pampering routines to new heights.

Key Features:

Elevate Guest Experience: Elevate your hotel or spa's reputation by providing guests with the indulgence of our Loofah Pad Set. Enhance their stay with a touch of luxury and self-care.

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality, natural loofah fibers, each pad offers gentle exfoliation that rejuvenates the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Spa-like Exfoliation: The unique texture of the loofah fibers ensures thorough exfoliation, promoting healthy skin by removing dead cells and promoting blood circulation.

Sustainable Choice: We're committed to sustainability. Our Loofah Pads are eco-friendly and biodegradable, aligning with your hotel or spa's green initiatives.

Gentle and Invigorating: The delicate yet invigorating scrubbing action of the Loofah Pad soothes the senses, providing a serene and relaxing experience that your guests will cherish.

Unmatched Versatility: These Loofah Pads can be used for a range of treatments, from invigorating body scrubs to gentle facial exfoliation, offering a holistic spa experience.

Ideal for Gifting: These sets make excellent guest amenities or thoughtful gifts for spa enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a sense of well-being.

Zicniccom (300 pcs) Hotel Soap Bar-Hotel Guest amenities soaps 10 grams -300PCS-for Hotels, Guest house,Travel,Resorts.Hospitals with Neatly packed

  • Hotel Soaps 10 grams with Butter paper pack and Paper box packing
  • 300 pcs Soap packed in pouch-without box
  • Quality soaps with premium packing and light fragrance
  • soaps small / Mini Hotel Toileteries soaps for Hotel Guest amenity and Toiletries to welcome guest
  • Hotel use Mini Guest Soaps and Toiletries for Guest amenities
  • Hotel soap wrapped bars



Shower Cap 200 Pcs Set

  • Premium quality and durable shower cap 200 pcs


  • Provides waterproof protection.


  • Comfortable and secure fit for all head sizes.


  • Hygienic and disposable for guest convenience.


  • Compact and travel-friendly.


  • Customizable with your hotel's branding.


  • Versatile usage for showers, spa treatments, and beauty routines.


  • Individually packaged for cleanliness.


  • Enhances guest satisfaction.


Zicniccom (Pack of 12) |Salon Black Hair Dye Brush/Mehandi Hair Colouring Brush (Big) For Men | Women ) |SALON/SPA/Parlour Professional Hair

  • (Pack of 12) |Salon Black Hair Dye Brush/Mehandi Hair Colouring Brush  
  • Pack of 12 Salon Black Hair Dye Brushes, perfect for professional hair coloring and dyeing.  
  • Designed for both men and women, providing precise and controlled application of hair dye or mehandi (henna)  
  • Ideal for use in salons, spas, parlors, or personal hair coloring sessions.  
  • Professional-grade brushes for salon and spa professionals, offering high-quality results  



Dental Kit with Colgate 48 sets

- Elevate your oral care routine with the Zicniccom dental kit with colgate 48 sets , complete with a 10-gram toothpaste tube for fresh breath and healthy gums.
- Each dental kit set includes one toothpaste colgate  and a toothbrush, providing all the essentials for a thorough cleaning.
- Perfect for hotel toiletry needs, the 48-piece dental kit ensures that your guests receive top-notch oral care during their stay.
- Versatile and convenient, the dental kit is suitable for travel, hospitals, and various amenities, catering to different needs.
- Enhance the guest experience at resorts and hotels with the amenity kit that includes a dental set, promoting oral hygiene and overall well-being.
- Designed for homestays and accommodations, the dental kit set is a thoughtful addition to provide guests with essential dental care products.
- Travel-sized toothpaste in the Zicniccom dental kit allows for easy transportation, ensuring oral hygiene is maintained on the go.
- The 48-set dental kit is a practical choice for the hospitality industry, providing a sufficient supply for guest amenities.
- Impress your guests with a dental kit that goes the extra mile in ensuring their comfort and satisfaction during their stay.
- The dental kit, complete with toothpaste and a toothbrush, is ideal for travel and healthcare purposes, promoting oral health wherever you go.